Sydney Sunset

October 1, 2014

A few weeks back I was working with a tutoring client down at Jubilee Park in Glebe/Annandale.  What I thought was going to be a miserable rainy afternoon turned into some of the best light ever.  We saw a double rainbow, got rained on and saw one of the best Sydney sunsets ever.

Here’s a few shots I took that afternoon.  Some contrast added but other than that the colours were all mother nature baby!

Shot on digi.


Peace, Meredith


_MG_4500 _MG_4503 _MG_4504 _MG_4505 _MG_4507 _MG_4517 _MG_4520 _MG_4522 _MG_4526 _MG_4532 _MG_4529 _MG_4535 _MG_4539

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