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March 17, 2015

I’ve been traveling to different parts of Europe every year for quite sometime.  My ‘Travel’ portfolio is full of black and white film images from all across Europe, but when I travel I also bring a digital camera.  I’ve been going back through my archives and rediscovering many of these images and destinations and sharing them each week on my blog.

This week is Sorrento, Italy!


Peace, Meredith


Blog_Sorrento-11 Blog_SorrentoTrip2 Blog_Sorrento-26

Blog_Sorrento-28 Blog_Sorrento-3 Blog_Sorrento-5 Blog_Sorrento-8 Blog_Sorrento-24 Blog_SorrentoTrip1 Blog_Sorrento-14 Blog_Sorrento-6 Blog_Sorrento-7 Blog_Sorrento-22 Blog_Sorrento-16 Blog_Sorrento-17 Blog_Sorrento-19 Blog_Sorrento-18 Blog_Sorrento-20

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