Compassion Fatigue

This work reveals how individuals react to disturbing imagery.

‘Compassion Fatigue’ is characterised by a gradual lessening of compassion over time and can exhibit in people as a lessened sympathetic reaction to a crisis, disaster, or the suffering of others, because of recurrent overexposure to similar incidents.

The work reveals how individuals react to disturbing imagery shown to them on a loop for a long period of time, how people react to common imagery seen in the media and uncommon imagery that is mostly hidden from the media cycle.  It records how their reactions change from the first loop to the last and explores what their coping mechanisms are, how and when they ‘switch off’, how different people react to the same content, and how a repetitive media cycle fatigues people.

The work is presented in such a way that the barrier of the capture medium between viewer and subject is broken. The viewer is seeing very intense, private and personal moments.

The Compassion Fatigue Exhibition, 2013

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