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Australian-Estonian photographer and best-selling author Meredith Schofield has a unique talent for storytelling that has seen her work commissioned and published across the globe. Her professionalism and empathetic storytelling ability has ensured long professional relationships with numerous Australian and international news and travel publications, NGO’s, government bodies and media broadcast partners. 

Her passion is in telling authentic stories and capturing images that evoke an emotional response. Her portfolio has a distinctive style that is instantly identifiable and full of impact.

Meredith’s latest book ‘Around Australia At 80ks’, published by Affirm Press, showcases her exceptional photography and vivid travel writing and is a national bestseller. 

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Around Australia at 80k's

Two humans, one dog and a bright yellow kombi on the road trip of a lifetime

Travel Book – Out Now

Written & Photographed by Meredith Schofield

‘Mez, Sean, rescue pup Bandit, and their beloved yellow kombi, Etta, are on an epic road trip around Australia. And they’re taking you with them.

Around Australia at 80Ks follows this motley quartet’s adventures and misadventures as they make their way around our great southern land.

Bursting with inspiration, insider tips, dog-friendly travel advice and stunning photography, this book is the holiday we all need.’

The Getaways


Travel Book – Out Now

Contributing Author & Photographer

‘What if you could pull back the curtain to a new view each day? Call the Alps your office? Head off-road into the sweeping sand dunes of the Sahara for a few days of total peace? Dip into the Mediterranean any day of the week? And, as the sun starts to set, return to the comfort of your compact roving home?

This compendium of the world’s most fascinating vans and four- wheeled homes shows that home really is where you park it. 

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“Meredith is wonderful to work with and a true master of her craft. Her photography skills are second to none and her communication skills are among the best I've ever experienced. She inspires everyone around her and is the consummate professional”

Call Out for Volunteers

I am currently working on a new book about surviving Eastern European, Baltic, Central Asian & Transcaucasian cultures in Australia.

Did you or your family/ancestors flee a former Soviet-occupied country either before, during or after WWII?

I want to hear your story about how you and your family maintained, rediscovered or lost your cultural identity through occupation.

Also looking to speak with Ukrainians who have recently fled to Australia.

You can remain anonymous.