February 2015


The Lost Roll

About a year ago I lost 1 roll of 24 shot Ilford HP5 400. Yes, I know – bad photographer lady. I shoot with a few different camera’s – usually my Canon 5D Mk II, Canon EOS 50e 35mm SLR and my Mamiya 645Pro.  But I also carry with me to most places my Pentax […]

Sometimes I photograph people…

I got an email from a dear old friend of mine a few weeks ago asking me ‘I know its not your thing but would you like to photograph our wedding?’  I thought why not?  I’ve done a few for friends in the past and this one was in my home town of Canberra, which […]

Beautiful Bronte

Nothing like a mid week swim after work. Shot on Kodak Portra 800

Canberra Visit

I’m originally a Canberra girl and I often go home to visit my family.  This weekend was great seeing parts of Canberra I haven’t really ever explored.  The Sculpture Garden at the NGA is amazing and the James Turrell Skyspace is unbelievable! Enjoy, Meredith