The Lost Roll

February 25, 2015

About a year ago I lost 1 roll of 24 shot Ilford HP5 400. Yes, I know – bad photographer lady.

I shoot with a few different camera’s – usually my Canon 5D Mk II, Canon EOS 50e 35mm SLR and my Mamiya 645Pro.  But I also carry with me to most places my Pentax Spotmatic SP 1000.  Most of the Black & White work you see here is shot with this beauty.  An oldie but a goodie, gifted to me by my Dad’s best friend many moons ago.  I pretty much take it everywhere.  So I had been looking for this lost roll for sometime and BOOM a couple of weeks ago I found it! I had placed it on my bookcase for safe keeping (a-huh) and it rolled backwards behind the bookcase without me noticing.

Very happy to have found her, I took her straight to the lab.  I had a pretty good idea of what was on the roll – I had done a couples shoot, wedding, tutored my friend Will and seen my bestie with her bubby.  A mixed roll indeed.

So here are some treasures I found behind my bookcase.



LostRoll2012-0001 LostRoll2012-0011 LostRoll2012-0012 LostRoll2012-0008 LostRoll2012-0010 LostRoll2012-0007 LostRoll2012-0003 LostRoll2012-0005

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