Lake Como, Italy
Meredith Schofield

Meredith Schofield

Meredith aka Mez is an Australian / Estonian photographer, based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


I’m finally getting a chance to go through and edit some images I took while away in Italy last September/October.  Like every trip I take I always have my 35mm film camera (Pentax Spotmatic SP 1000) with me and a digital camera – this time I brought a small option with me – Canon 550D with a 18-50 f/2.8 lens. It’s not the best body or lens in my kit, but it’s light, fast and does what I need when I’m not shooting film.

Our first stop in Italy after flying into Milano was the town of Bellagio on Lake Como. This small lake side township is about 2 hours north up the lake.  The boat ride in is stunning, you get to see so many of the little townships and just relax and enjoy the boat ride.  Bellagio has beautiful gardens, awe inspiring views of the Swiss Alps, great restaurants and the most photogenic lane ways and streets. There was this beautiful fog in the air that hung over the lake and mountains, it softened the light wonderfully and in the evenings ensured our sunsets were soft, calm and colourful.  A true treasure to photograph.  I always prefer interesting unusual weather over clear sunny skies, it always makes for better images and dynamic light.

One evening we found a way into the lake! Most swimming entry points belong to the big hotels or are closed in the autumn, so we were stoked to find a way in, off an old abandoned grand hotel.  No one swims here in autumn, but we just had to – and to our surprise the water was so warm – around 20 degrees – too cold for Europeans, but perfect for a pair of Aussies! So there we were swimming in Lake Como while the sun set – it was truly magical! We had a few on lookers taking photos which was a little strange, but hey!

One afternoon after returning from the town of Varenna we had a quite drink overlooking the lake where I met a woman who was sketching the scene we were overlooking and then water colouring.  I was fascinated…  I went and spoke with her and to my delight she was more than happy to share her sketch book with me.  Every town she goes to on her travels, she sketches and paints in stead of photographing.  I loved it and her work was simply stunning. Such a beautiful way to slow down and take in her surroundings.

Then there was the wedding couple… as I was lining up at the bank an English couple in wedding attire were running through the streets, camera in hand asking someone, anyone if they could take their picture…  Of course I left the bank line and raced after them… I asked them ‘Do you need you photo taken?’ and they said ‘Yes we have no photographer’ so I replied ‘Well this is a lucky day for you, I’m a photographer’ 30 minutes and one impromptu wedding shoot later, my husband was wondering where I had gotten to.  Needless to say he was not surprised when I told him I was shooting a wedding…


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