Streets of Siena

August 25, 2017

A Tuscan Treasure

As we open to shutters of our Siena apartment we are greeted by the most extraordinary sight, The Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta. This cathedral dominates the hill that Siena is built on. The town’s medieval gothic architecture is a sight to behold and makes this Tuscan town one of Italy’s most beautiful and interesting places to visit.

We head out to explore . . .

With my trusty Pentax Spotmatic in tow and a roll of Ilford HP5, I was ready for the beauty and grittiness of this town to present itself. We walk up and down steep cobblestone streets to the famous Piazza del Campo.

This Piazza truly is the heart and soul of the city, ‘Il Campo’ was built on a hilltop where three towns converged, it was designed to be neutral ground where political and civic holidays could be celebrated. The three towns eventually combined to create the community of Siena which was rebuilt during the rule of the Council of Nine, which ruled Siena from 1287 to 1355.

‘Il Campo’ is divided into nine sections with it’s famous fan-like brick pavement which represents the 9 different councils. The Piazza is dominated by the red Palazzo Pubblico and its tower, Torre del Mangia, which has become a strong symbol of the town.

View from above

Panoramic views of the Duomo and ‘Il Campo’ can be enjoyed from the top of the unfinished Duomo walls. You get a real sense of size and scale up here, with views of the Tuscan country side for miles. A patch work of terracotta tiled roofs make for stunning imagery and the view down onto the streets is a unique perspective that makes for great images.

The people make the place

The best thing about wandering around the streets of Siena was meeting the locals. Shop owners, artists and crowds of local people hanging out in the squares, telling stories and playing music.

This place has so much vibe and energy.

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