Water for Walgett
Meredith Schofield

Meredith Schofield

Meredith aka Mez is an Australian / Estonian photographer, based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


Over the Australia Day long weekend the Inner West Council held an Aboriginal Movie Night to help raise funds for the town of Walgett, NSW. Walgett are in desperate need of fresh drinking water after their town reservoir dropped to critical levels due to this unrelenting state wide drought. The town is struggling and are relying on bore water, which is horrendous to drink. The council set out to raise $10,000 for fresh drinking water for the town, and the Aboriginal Movie Night fundraiser got them to their $10,000 goal. The community came out to watch some Indigenous animated shots and then the main feature, Rabbit Proof Fence. The evening was an educational night for local residents who came down to Pioneers Park with their blankets and food in tow. I was there to capture the evening for council… poster Poster by Joel Tarling  
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