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Meredith Schofield

Meredith Schofield

Meredith aka Mez is an Australian / Estonian photographer, based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast – EPISODE 6

Show Notes

What do Beyoncé and Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings have in common? Well, both are watched by millions and both have been photographed by photographers using film cameras. But why would anyone use a film camera in those situations? Mez and Toby discuss why certain photographers choose to go “old-school”, and how the decision on what kit you use and when can greatly affect your creative thinking and the results you get.

In the past weeks we have seen legendary photojournalist David Burnett photographing the US Impeachment hearings with a 4×5 camera, we discuss the process and ponder David’s reasoning. 

PDN David Burnett Article

We discuss our own methods and mediums and take a look at some prominent photographers in the industry shooting film. From photojournalists, to portrait photographers, artists and inventors!

Andrew Quilty – Australian photojournalist who uses his iphone to capture daily life in Afghanistan.

Don McCullen – one of Toby’s Favourite photographers who is sticking with film and describes the digital medium as one that can not be trusted.

Guardian Article Don McCullen

Tyler Mitchell – A young and upcoming photographer who rose to acclaim when he photographed Beyoncé for Vogue’s September issue, all on film. One of his portraits of Beyoncé has since been acquired by the Smithsonian

Vogue September Issue 2018

Ian Ruther – Once an adventure and sports photographer, Ian left the digital world behind and embraced the collodion process. He has built multiple large scale cameras over the last decade photographing people and stunning landscapes. Truly phenomenal process and a must to check out his short documentary films. 

Trent Parke – One of Australia’s most prominent photographers who solely shoots on film. Trent’s bodies of work are nothing short of truly magical. Winner of multiple World Press Awards and the only Australian member of the Magnum Foundation, Trent’s work transcends worlds. 

Gregory Crewdson – Gregory creates elaborate feature film sets and stories, all for a still image, his work is cinematic in feel, and goes deep into the subconscious of America, exploring the iconography of the American suburban landscape. 

This is a fun and insightful episode one of many we will be covering on film. 

Show Credits

Click Click Bang Bang: A Photography Podcast is written and produced by Meredith Schofield and Toby Forage.

Edited by Toby Forage

Music by Simon Figliuzzi

Brand design by dingdingding.co

Thanks also to Sean Brokenshire and Bandit for their help in the studio.

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