Formula 1 – Melbourne GP
Meredith Schofield

Meredith Schofield

Meredith aka Mez is an Australian / Estonian photographer, based on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


The start of the 2020 season looked promising, until on the second-day of the Melbourne GP, where fans were left waiting at the gates for a Grand Prix that would never start...

The first day of the 2020 Melbourne GP was exciting and hopeful. There was a buzz in the air that despite global concern about a new virus the first round of the 2020 Formula 1 season was going ahead. The pit walk was limited with barriers in place to protect the teams. Fans filled the pit lane and watched the team mechanics busily at work before the practice was due to start the next day. Air Force jets flew overhead in stunning formations, porches raced around the track, classic cars showed off their sheen and Formula 3 was burning up the track. 

I woke up the next day and decided to hold off going to the track as I had my suspicions the Gand Prix would be cancelled. Even though I kept telling myself; ‘Surely they would have thought of this, right? Before everything and everyone came halfway around the world?’

I was wrong… The race was cancelled and I hurriedly changed my flights home before the whole state of Victoria went into lockdown. 

Here is what I captured on the first and only day of the 2020 Melbourne GP. 

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