Seven Tips For Hitting the Road With Your Dog

In 2019, my husband and I took our dog around Australia in our 1975 Kombi, Etta. It was an amazing trip and one we couldn’t imagine doing without Bandit. Here’s what we learned. Previous Next Travelling around Australia with a dog isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. You should carefully consider the pros and cons […]

A lot has happened

It’s been exactly two years since my last blog post. Talk about a hiatus. Like many of us creatives when the pandemic hit I lost 100% of my work. Since then, two lockdowns later, only about a quarter of my work has come back. So, like many people, I had to pivot as they say. […]

Formula 1 – Melbourne GP

The start of the 2020 season looked promising, until on the second-day of the Melbourne GP, where fans were left waiting at the gates for a Grand Prix that would never start… The first day of the 2020 Melbourne GP was exciting and hopeful. There was a buzz in the air that despite global concern […]

Competition Corruption

Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast – EPISODE 9 SHOW NOTES There is nothing like a healthy dose of competition — unless that competition is trying to steal your content for nothing!! Whaaaat!!?? In this episode, Mez and Toby look at the sometimes hazardous world of photography competitions, discussing the pros and cons […]

Can I Take That Shot?

Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast – EPISODE 7 Show Notes Ever been in a situation with your camera when you’ve really wanted to take a shot, but thought: “Damn, is this even legal?” “Can I take a photo of someone in the street?” “ Can I photograph a public building? Can I […]

Tools of the Trade

Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast – EPISODE 6 Show Notes What do Beyoncé and Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings have in common? Well, both are watched by millions and both have been photographed by photographers using film cameras. But why would anyone use a film camera in those situations? Mez and Toby discuss […]

Fair What?!

Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast – EPISODE 5 SHOW NOTES Have you ever had an image stolen? Do you know your rights if and when it happens? Toby reveals his confrontation with UK pop star FKA Twigs after she pinched one of his images a few years back, altered it, removed a […]

The Comparison Complex

Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast – EPISODE 4 Show Notes It sounds like the next big hipster band name, but The Comparison Complex is something that actually lasts, and it can also make or break your creativity. That’s why it’s complex!! Mez and Toby discuss not only the dangers of comparing your […]

What the hell do I charge?

Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast – EPISODES 2 & 3 Show Notes One of the most asked questions by emerging photographers is – what do I charge? This episode and the next is not just about what we should charge it’s also about seeing the value in our industry. THINGS TO CONSIDER […]