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Lack of Access – Social Exclusion

‘A complex web of regulations, polices and processes across all three levels of government determine the accessibility of (an) environment. The complexity of the area itself acts as a barrier to change. And despite the overall complexity, there are still significant legislative regulatory and policy gaps that allow parts of the built environment to remain […]

Photography Class

From June til August this year I designed and taught a photography class for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. The class was apart of the Chatswood Support Living arts program run by the lovely Justina Legoe. The class consisted of 8 adults who have a wide range of intellectual disabilities Down syndrome, Autism, […]

Digging through old photos.

I love digging through old photos, i often find little treasures i had forgotten about for years, it is also a time to reflect on past experiences and to see how i have grown (hopefully) as a photographer. I was digging around this morning and came across some images i had pushed to the back […]