The Rushing Hour

Do you want fashion that is sustainable, recycled, charitable and completely stunning! Do you want to know WHO makes your clothes? Then it’s a MUST to get onto The Rushing Hour! I have worked closely with this brand over the past two seasons and what Jac is doing with her brand is unbelievable – this […]

Rach + Phil – Canberra Wedding

On the odd occasion I get asked if I can photograph a wedding – this usually comes from couples who want a reportage/documentary feeling to their wedding record – an accurate representation of the day without too much posing and fluff. And I often know the couple! Couples I work with are always a little different to […]

Vets Shedding the Stigma

SHEDDING THE STIGMA   SYDNEY UNIVERSITY VETERINARY FACULTY NUDE CHARITY CALENDAR   A few weeks ago I photographed the annual University of Sydney Veterinary Faculty’s nude calendar. Veterinary Science & Animal and Veterinary Bioscience students shed their clothing for a good cause.   ‘For almost a decade, University of Sydney veterinary students have bared all to […]

Cam & Michelle

I was so excited to head to Canberra a few months ago to photograph two dear friends of mine who are having their first child. Cam and Michelle met defending the oceans in Antarctica and are now back on dry land to start a family together. I photographed them in the beautiful cork forest at […]

Sydney band album shoot

I was asked by Sydney band Cigars of the Pharaoh to shoot their new album cover and to do some behind the scenes doco style shots while they recorded at Church Street Studios in Camperdown with the very talented Sean Carey. The guys were looking very dapper and were really into the shoot – I […]

Cigars of the Pharaoh

Today I photographed a really cool group of guys who just happen to be in a band together!

The Lost Roll

About a year ago I lost 1 roll of 24 shot Ilford HP5 400. Yes, I know – bad photographer lady. I shoot with a few different camera’s – usually my Canon 5D Mk II, Canon EOS 50e 35mm SLR and my Mamiya 645Pro.  But I also carry with me to most places my Pentax […]

Sometimes I photograph people…

I got an email from a dear old friend of mine a few weeks ago asking me ‘I know its not your thing but would you like to photograph our wedding?’  I thought why not?  I’ve done a few for friends in the past and this one was in my home town of Canberra, which […]

Portrait of Harley

Harley is a friend of mine who I privately tutor. He was an amazing black and white printer back in the day. He’s got a great spirit and a great eye!