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Photo: David Williams

Meredith is a presenter and qualified educator working with design schools, RTO’s, photographers, community groups and people with disabilities – teaching classes, leading workshops, lecturing and providing 1:1 tutoring.

Photo: David Williams

Along with Photographer/Film Maker Toby Forage, Meredith is the co-host of the acclaimed Australian Podcast – ‘Click Click, Bang Bang – A Photography Podcast.’



Streamed on my website via YouTube LIVE which allows me to not only share tutorials, information and ideas but also interact closely with the audience taking live questions.

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Click Click Bang Bang is a podcast about photography for everyone.

Hosts Mez and Toby discuss all aspects of the medium with the people 

that define it. It’s fun, honest, kinda deep sometimes, and it’s all-inclusive



February 7, 2020 by Meredith

There is nothing like a healthy dose of competition, unless that competition is trying to steal your content for nothing!

December 20, 2019 by Mez

Ever been in a situation with your camera when you’ve really wanted to take a shot, but thought: “Damn, is this even legal?” “Can I take a photo of someone in the street?” “ Can I photograph a public building? Can I sell those photos?” You’re not the only one...

December 9, 2019 by Mez

What do Beyoncé and Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings have in common? Well, both are watched by millions and both have been photographed by photographers using film cameras. But why would anyone use a film camera in those situations?

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